Our Lady of Victory School is a family of believers in Jesus Christ. We share the traditions and history of our Catholic faith in word and action with each other, the Fergus Falls community and our broader Catholic communities.

Our Lady of Victory School is child focused, affirming the basic goodness of each child. We offer an academic curriculum that meets the needs of the individual child. A variety of instructional strategies are implemented to help the children reach full academic potential. We believe that learning should be a fun, exciting, challenging and meaningful part of a child’s life. We strive to actively engage students in the curriculum.

We foster responsibility in students for their attitude, behavior and learning.

We promote the dignity of each person through respect of one another and encourage good stewardship of God’s earth.

The professionals who staff Our Lady of Victory School support and value each other. We are dedicated to helping children become successful lifelong learners.

Visit our site to learn more: www.ffolvschool.org