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A Note from Father Alan

This is our special Remembrance Weekend as we  remember parishioners and those who have been buried from our parish since last All Saints’ Day.  We invite  family members and close friends to participate in the candle lighting ceremony which will take place after the homily.  It is a very good and Catholic thing to remember and pray for the dead, to keep them close in our hearts, and always remember the communion we have with the saints and angels and all who have gone before us.


A reminder of the special Remembrance Mass for  Pregnancy and Infant Loss this Thursday evening, November 15 at 7:00 p.m. There is more information elsewhere in this bulletin. All are welcome as we gather for this very special “Mass of the Angels”.


A “heads up” on our Thanksgiving plans…our parish Thanksgiving Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday evening, November 21 at 5:30.  As we gather to give thanks in prayer and praise we can also express our gratitude by bringing an offering for the food shelf and the loose collection that evening will be given to our parish charity and emergency fund. Plan to gather with fellow parishioners to give thanks in the great Thanksgiving celebration of the Eucharist!

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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his love endures      forever. (1 Chronicles 16:34) 


There once was a woman who was always grumbling. Her husband, she thought, made more work than other husbands, her children took less care of their clothes than other children. Her home seemed colder in winter and hotter in summer than anyone else’s– in fact, she thought God had given her a heavier cross to bear than anyone else’s– in fact, she thought God had given her a heavier cross to bear than he had given to any of her neighbors.


One night she dreamed that her guardian angel stood by her bed. He told her to rise since he had something he wanted to show her. She got up and followed him down the street. Many of the doors were marked with large crosses. The angel beckoned, and she peeped through the windows. In one room she saw a mother and father kneeling by the bedside of a dying child. In another she saw a poor blind woman, sitting beside a cold fireplace. In  another, the   breadwinner  lay  dead.   Every house seemed to have some trouble. At last they stopped  before a house with a tiny cross on the door, and as she looked at it she realized it was her own.


When afterward she was inclined to grumble she thought of all those who were worse off than she was, and instead of grumbling she said gladly and thankfully, “Thy will be done, my beloved Lord.”




Mission Statement


I nspired by Mary, 

N ourished by Word and Sacrament, 

R ejoicing in the Lord, and 

I gnited by the Spirit 


We are sent to love and serve, as we journey toward the Kingdom! 

Parish School/Preschool

Our Lady of Victory School is more than just an educational institution.  Our school is an environment where active learning takes place as students learn about the world and themselves. Our faculty’s educational expertise and personal dedication are key to our culture of mutual respect and cooperation.  Please click here for more information:  


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