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St. Otto's Cemetery

According to records, the present parish of Our Lady of Victory began in 1881 as “The Church of the Holy Family.” Prior to that date, missionaries traveling through the Red River Valley ministered to our area. In 1890 the church was dedicated by Bishop Otto Zardetti who chose to rename the parish and church in honor of St. Otto (Information from 1997 Parish Directory). Sometime between the 1890 dedication and 1914 the name of the church was changed to its current name, but the cemetery remains as “St. Otto Cemetery.”


The earliest date of death on a tombstone is 1889. The section of the cemetery south of the entrance road is the oldest section of the cemetery. The next section is to the north of the road that circles the building. The third section is on the northeast side of the cemetery. In 2012, a fourth section was opened for burials. It is in the southeast corner, an area which is part of a purchase made in later years.


A brochure with cemetery policies, procedures, rules, and regulations is attached to this website. Check the website from time to time for any updates and/or revisions.



Cemetery Brochure
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